Windows 10 Operating System for Mobile Devices

The highly-anticipated Windows 10 operating system was released for computers on 29 July 2015. Users who already had Windows 7 or 8 installed could upgrade for free, which led to 14 million installations shortly after the launch. The team at Microsoft has also patched the initial bugs swiftly, making Windows 10 an overall satisfying platform.

However, mobile users will have to wait until late autumn to download Windows 10 Mobile to their devices. Microsoft is still working on the mobile version, which will work with the desktop platform but is actually designed from the ground up. Early adopters will want to sign up for the Windows Insider programme, to test out the latest version on their Windows phone.

Windows 10 Mobile Availability

Owners of certain Windows Phone 8.1 mobiles will get a free upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. Only a selection of their current mobile devices are slated to receive the upgrade, including the Lumia 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 640, 640 XL, 735, 830 and 930. Microsoft may be planning to roll out the upgrade in stages, or they may add more phones to the list as the launch date approaches. New phones that are released at the end of this year are expected to come with Windows 10 Mobile already installed, such as the Lumia 950 XL.
Windows 10 Mobile Features

One of the most sought-after features of Windows 10 is its ability to automatically sync between a desktop and a smartphone that are both running Windows 10 with the same Microsoft account. All of your notifications, data, and personal settings will flow effortlessly between your devices, providing a single user experience regardless of where you are. You can access all of your documents and images through OneDrive, so you can take your work with you.

The digital assistant app, Cortana, now spans between mobile and personal computers thanks to Windows 10. It has been upgraded with the ability to learn user preferences and deliver customized search results. You can also enter preferences manually if you want instant personalized recommendations.

Microsoft has ditched Internet Explorer as its default web browser, and both versions of Windows 10 feature Microsoft Edge in its place. Edge has been modernized with many features that users expect with a web browser, especially faster loading times and streamlined appearance. Previously known as Project Spartan, you will be able to take notes on web pages themselves, and share with other people, though it is unclear if that will translate to the mobile version of the web browser.

Windows Store and Apps

Microsoft is making a new app store for its Windows platform, giving users access to a wide variety of apps, TV shows, and movies. They have not yet released music to the Windows Store, but it is expected within the coming months. You can still use their music app to play any songs stored on OneDrive or on your mobile. App developers will find it easy to adapt their current apps to the Windows Store, with special toolkits that will facilitate the code transfer.

One of their unique offerings is the Universal Apps. Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can be used effortlessly on your mobile phone, with a streamlined interface designed for the mobile experience. Your list of Office formatting tools will be included in a sliding app bar for easy access. Miracast is used for streaming your PowerPoint presentations, and you can also connect to your printer wirelessly, bypassing your desktop computer entirely.

Managing photos is also an easier process, thanks to the upcoming Photos app. It will sync up with your other devices via OneDrive, so you can access all of your photos regardless of which you are using. Photos will be auto enhanced to smartly adjust your brightness, along with red eye, but if you prefer you can switch to manual settings.

As the release date approaches and more builds are released for the Windows Insider programme, more new features will become available. Hopefully more mobile phones will be slated to receive the upgrade as time goes on, as Windows fans are eager to give this new operating system a go. With such a widespread and extended launch, it is clear that Microsoft is eager to make Windows 10 a success.

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