Trade Old Mobile Phones for Argos Gift Vouchers

After you have bought the latest mobile phone and renewed your tariff, you have the unique difficulty of deciding what to do with your now out-dated device. If you did not trade in your mobile at the time of purchase, you could pass your old one along to a friend, recycle it, or regretfully toss it in the bin. The indecision brought about by unwanted phones causes many people to tuck them away in desk drawers, never to see the light of day any time soon.

Now there is a new option to dispose of your old mobiles and tablets. Partnering with the charity group Wrap, the British retailer Argos is now prepared to take your devices off your hands. In exchange, you will receive an Argos gift voucher, for use in any of their 788 shops. This is win-win proposition for customers, who no longer have to consider what to do with their unwanted devices, and can earn store credit toward future purchases.

How it Works

Trading in your unwanted mobile is a smooth process. Travel to your nearest Argos store location, and speak to one of their staff members. The staff will evaluate your mobile by using their access to the trade markets and present you with a suitable offer for your device, based on the model and condition. If you accept their offer, you will receive a voucher for the agreed upon amount. You must redeem the vouchers by the date specified, on in-store purchases only.
After Argos has accepted your mobile device, they will send it on to a technology specialist, who will remove all of your personal data and make any necessary adjustments so it can be resold later. This process provides excellent security, though you are free to restore your phone back to factory defaults ahead of time. Make sure you have already transferred your service to your new mobile before you take your device to Argos for trade in.

Why Trading In Makes Sense

If you are already an Argos shopper, the convenience of dropping off your old device at one of their shops makes it an easy choice. The bonus of earning a gift voucher will help offset any future purchases at that retailer. You will also save time by not having to search online for a trade in scheme, then putting your device into the post and waiting for it to be processed before getting any compensation.

Trading your mobile in is also a smart choice for the environment. Rather than tossing your mobile into the bin and cluttering up the landfills, someone else can benefit from your cast off device. If your mobile is obsolete and unable to be resold, it will be sent on to a factory, where it will be disassembled and metals can be reclaimed for new devices. This protects the environment from battery leakage, and contributes to keeping new mobile prices down, as they will have to use less metal directly mined from the earth.

Argos in Partnership with Wrap

To facilitate this effort, Argos is working with the government-backed charity group Wrap. This recycling scheme is one of many in the works by Wrap, as they plan on helping businesses to create sustainable plans to manage the life cycles of their products. According to research by Wrap, 66 per cent of customers want to dispose of their old purchases properly, but do not have the time or knowledge to do so. By implementing these sorts of schemes at individual retailers, customers can enjoy the convenience of turning in their old devices, knowing that they will be properly taken care of.

In time, Argos may expand the range of devices that they will accept through this program. Currently they are only taking mobile phones and tablets. In the future, they may take other electronics, such as computers, digital cameras, automobile navigation equipment, and other technological gadgets. The success of this initiative will determine whether expansion is feasible, both at Argos and at other retailers who are watching the Argos recycling scheme and waiting to determine the results.

Trading in your undesired device does not have to be time consuming or confusing. By taking your mobile to your local Argos shop, you can receive a fair offer in minutes. This choice protects the environment while allowing you to save a few pounds. If you have been looking for an eco-friendly disposal method, now is your chance to take advantage of this scheme, and let others know that you are doing your part to reduce electronic waste.

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