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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

2 out of 5 stars by 6 reviews

  • 5 inch Full HD Display

  • Quad or  Octo core processor

  • Up to 64GB Storage, plus MicroSD

  • 4G Ready

The Android market is full of promising new smartphones with strong display features and clever design, but Samsung looks set to overtake the lot of them with their new Galaxy S4 upgrade. This phone has been highly anticipated by Android fans, and they won’t be disappointed. It offers a high quality, premium smartphone experience in a neat, compact package, and fully deserves the hype.

Design Upgrades

Although the visual differences between the new S4 and its predecessor are subtle, they are significant. The size of the handset remains the same at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm but the screen has been supersized to an impressive 5-inches, making the most of the amazing full HD resolution display. The metal trim and glass front of the phone create a chic look, while the handset feels slim and sleek at 130g. This isn’t as light as some of the competitors, but it also lends a sturdier and less fragile feel to the device that many might prefer. The trim design features of the phone create an impressive juxtaposition to the breadth of the display featured within; Samsung have managed to fit a powerful phone into a small space.


The messaging experience on the S4 is a big step up from the S3, with a larger keyboard option improving the typing function on the phone and a bolstered texting word limit meaning you can chat away for longer. The email client has had an upgrade too, and ChatON, Samsung’s answer to BBM and WhatsApp, runs really well, meaning communication has been boosted all around on the S4.

Camera Quality

The camera on the S4 has been upgraded from the S3, with an impressive 13 megapixels creating some dazzling shots from the S4’s lens. The phone will shift photography modes quickly and easily and works particularly well on nighttime mode where other smartphones sometimes fail.

Impressive Connections

Name a connectivity option and you’ll find it’s covered by the S4, with a broad Wi-Fi connection that shouldn’t let you down, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and the option of upgrading to the speedy new 4G connection. If you enable 4G you’ll find the 4S works at amazing, record speeds that will truly impress. Just be careful that you don’t get carried away on this connection and run up all your data, as downloads move so quickly it’s easy to lose track.

Improved Battery Power

Samsung promised improved battery performance with its 4S and it does deliver, with the huge 2,600mAh capacity allowing you to use your phone for vast stretches of time without running out of power. If somehow you do manage to run out without your charger available, spare batteries are available for buying and the removable back of the phone means switching out for a charged up battery is quick and easy.


The GPS tracking on this phone works alarmingly fast and with great accuracy, and thanks to the power of Google Maps, the mapping experience on the S4 is better than ever. 3D maps offer an exciting new visual feature, and navigation is at its best on this phone. The upgraded service and bigger screen allows for an easy and effective way of getting from A to B; you should never need to use your old sat nav again.

Amazing Screen Quality

The most exciting and impressive feature of the S4 is the quality of its screen display. Although the Super AMOLED technology may have featured on previous Galaxy models, it’s brought out to its full potential on HD resolution here, with the 1920 x 1080 pixels all bringing eye-popping colour and bold, vibrant visuals. If the display is too bright for you, the screen can be adjusted to darken and brighten according to your preferences. The colours have been made more natural looking than on the S3, and the touchscreen has been upgraded to a new level of touch sensitivity. You can now use your S4 in the dead of winter with gloves on, as it responds even to hovering fingers.