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Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

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- Amazing 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display
- Quad-core 1.4 GHz Processor
- Up to 64 GB internal storage, plus microSD

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the best selling smartphones of all time, still selling more units than the latest phones by rival Android manufacturers today. Combining a great overall feature set and great performance with an amazing display, the phone has become a classic. The phone still performs almost every task with such speed that you won't notice that Samsung have released a new, even faster, version of the handset since in the form of the Galaxy S4.

Speed, Storage and Display

Samsung clearly decided that it needed to 'wow' the world when it launched the Galaxy S3 by offering some of the best specs on the market. The Quad-Core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor was ahead of its time and still offers amazing performance over a year since the release of this phone. There's no task that this phone goes slow performing, whether browsing graphics intensive websites or playing the latest Android games from the Google Play store.

The internal storage comes in as high as 64 GB, allowing you to storage almost as many photos and videos taking with the camera, or music or films to listen to watch, as you want. If for whatever reason this isn't enough you can add up to an addition 64 GB using a microSD card, making the total storage capacity a gigantic 128 GB. Some laptops don't even come with that much storage!

The 4.8 inch screen offers an amazing quality display utilising Super AMOLED technology to create a really crisp, colour rich screen. The resolution is 1280 x 720, meaning the phone is certified as HD making it great for watching videos on. The display uses Gorilla Glass 2 making it tougher and less likely to break or become scratched than most phones.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 camera offers incredibly similar features and quality to the iPhone 4S, the main phone it was competing against when released. Both devices come with great quality 8 megapixels cameras capable of recording in Full 1080p HD. The S3 camera also features an impressive LED flash for taking photos in the dark, a great 1.9 megapixel forward facing camera - perfect for video calls. What sets the camera apart is the features that Samsung has added to the software, including the ability to take Full HD video at the same time as taking amazing still photographs. There's also many camera settings such as burst shooting to take lots of photos in quick succession - useful for capturing movement - and many filters and other artistic editing options.


The phone is fully compatible with 4G LTE meaning that if you take out a contract that includes super-fast speeds you can download content as fast as even the top speeds of fibre optic broadband. There's also naturally 3G for those not on 4G contracts yet, plus all the usual other connection options such as WiFi and Bluetooth. There's a GPS chip for navigating and a NFC chip for making mobile payments, alongside an FM radio.


Samsung aren't content just using the basic Android issued by Google and instead have added many great new features to the operating system. As well as the camera software, already discussed, there's also a great shortcut menu allowing you to access your most used apps and features quickly. Additionally Samsung include their own voice recognition technology known as S Voice allowing you to do everything from searching the internet to opening apps handsfree. Samsung have also included a great battery saving feature in the form of Smart Stay which monitors when you're looking at the device and turns the screen off to conserve power when you look away.