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Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

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The Samsung Galaxy S II might be over two years old now, but it still packs a punch in the mobile world. Despite not featuring the high specs of more recent devices, the phone has great performance at almost every task and is still a best seller. Those looking for a cheaper phone which doesn't compromise on performance should look no further.

Amazing Screen

When it was released the stand out feature of the Galaxy S2 was its Super AMOLED Plus screen, and still today the 4.3 inch screen looks refreshingly good. The display is stunningly bright, perfectly crisp and presents images and videos in vibrant yet accurate colours. The screen is simply one of the best out there and while improvements have been made to more recent displays, it's hard to tell much difference between this first revolutionary screen and those that have followed. The resolution comes in at 800 x 480 pixels, giving you a great pixel density meaning you'll struggle to see individual pixels when using the device at a standard distance. The screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass making it less likely to smash when dropped.

Powerful Performance

The phone not only packs in a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, the first phone to come with more than one core, but also contains a separate graphics processor which not only speeds up performance but helps maintain battery life. No tasks conducted on the phone will go slow - whether you're browsing graphics intensive websites, taking video footage or playing games. The processor might have been out performed by recent quad and octa core phones, but for an average user it will be hard to tell the difference. The RAM, at 1GB, will be adequate for almost all users.

There's also 16 GB on internal storage as standard, so you won't run out of space for your apps, music and photos easily. If you do, you'll be pleased to hear that Samsung have included a MicroSD card slot. This allows you to increase storage and is especially useful for those who like to carry around a large media selection as these tiny cards can easily be swapped in and out as needed. If you think you need more internal storage you can opt for the 32 GB edition for a small extra fee.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with the Android operating system with Samsung touches added on. Samsung's Touchwiz interface allows you to access exclusive content not available on other devices. The Music Hub gives you access to over 11 million songs. Samsung's Android skin works well for giving you access to the most used apps while still allowing you a lot of customisations of your phone to suit your tastes.


The camera on the Galaxy S2 is a drastic improvement on the previous version of the phone, the Galaxy S. Megapixels have jumped from just 3 in the old phone to 8 in the S2. The camera is also capable of shooting Full HD 1080p video at the standard 30 frames per second rate used by most professional camcorders. There's also a LED flash, useful for low light situations, and software features such as face detection for auto-focus and geotagging for helping you find photos in your albums later.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 can connect to the faster 3G HSDPA+ networks, allowing you download speeds as high as 24 Mbps - which is higher than many home broadband connections. While there's no 4G LTE on this device, the speed of the 3G available means this isn't really a problem. Naturally the phone also comes with the usual WiFi, Bluetooth version 3, and even in some models NFC.