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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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- 5.5 inch HD display
- S Pen Stylus
- Quad-core 1.6GHz processor

The Samsung Galaxy Note II proved to be one of the most popular Android phones available, much to the surprise of some of the critics of the large display. Samsung gave birth to a new category of smartphones, called "phablets" due to being a mix of tablet and phone, when it released the original Galaxy Note. The Note II proved to be a worthy successor of that device, combining great performance with an amazing screen which is perfect for watching videos on. The phone has been so popular that almost every Android manufacturer has designed rip-offs, even Samsung themselves with their lower cost Galaxy Mega range. Despite all the large screen competitors the Note II remains the best selling phablet on the market.

Awe Inspiring Screen

Putting a 5.5 inch screen on a phone was somewhat of a risk when most customers were used to screens significantly smaller. The great Super AMOLED display with rich colours and amazing viewing range won over customers, thanks in part due to how great the experience of watching videos or browsing the web was on such a big device. Despite the size it's still possible to use the device with a single hand. For those who love writing or drawing there's a S Pen stylus which slots into the phone, enabling users to have the option between using their fingers for general use on the capacitive screen or using the stylus for more precise tasks.

Super Fast Performance

The Galaxy Note II offered the best performance of any Android phone when it was released, and including an amazing Quad-Core 1.6GHz Exynos Processor. There was also 2GB of RAM included and internal storage options as high as 64GB, expandable up to a total of 128GB when a microSD card is inserted. The storage means that dozens of HD full length movies can be stored for watching on the phone without difficulty. The speedy components mean that everything is done in a snap, from browsing the web to playing the latest smartphone games. Combined with the 4G LTE, this means that even graphic heavy websites load almost instantly. You'll struggle to find a better phone for surfing the internet on.


The phone comes with 4G LTE meaning that you can access internet speeds far in excess of what was possible on previous 3G handsets, as long as you choose a contract that comes with 4G. There's also Bluetooth for connecting to accessories such as headsets or laptops, as well as an FM radio allowing you more choice than just the music on the device for listening to on the go. A NFC chip is also included allowing you to do things such as making payments at compatible terminals.

A Tablet and A Phone

The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note II is that it doubles as a tablet computer and a smartphone, offering the best of both worlds. You can make crystal clear phone calls while holding the device with a single hand, yet still have the benefits of an amazing large screen perfect for web browsing or watching films on. The size of the display also makes using Google Maps so much easier, allowing you to see far more of the map, something that is especially useful for driving directions. There's also a stylus which Samsung have reinvented as a useful device, allowing you to use handwriting recognition rather than typing or simply using the gestures to use the phone more precisely and quicker than you can with your fingers.