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Samsung Ativ S

Samsung Ativ S

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Already a force to be reckoned with on the Android market, Samsung clearly weren’t content in dominating only that corner of the market, and have branched out into the world of Windows phones with their stylish and strong Ativ S. The result is a polished, powerful and all around impressive smartphone.

Look and Feel

The design of the Ativ S is highly reminiscent of the Android Samsung Galaxy models, which should satisfy Samsung fans. Thin and light, it boasts a gleaming metallic exterior that looks far more elegant and expensive than you’d generally expect from a plastic handset. Its sleek design creates a sophisticated look that feels more grown up than the other candy-coloured Windows handsets. Despite being only 8.7mm thick and 135g, the Ativ S boasts an impressive 4.8-inch screen that dazzles thanks to its brightly lit and vibrant HD (1,280 x 720 pixels) AMOLED display. The Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screen is also ultra durable and makes for a tougher phone than the elegant look suggests.

Powerful Battery

The Ativ S’s 2,300mAh battery packs a lot of power, with the phone easily lasting all day with regular usage. Despite its brightness, the screen display runs power efficiently, especially if you use the dark theme option. If you do manage to run this big battery down with extended use and find yourself without your charger, it’s removable, so carrying extra batteries while on the go is also an option.

Texting and Messaging

The communications aspect of the Ativ S is particularly good; the phone integrates messaging into one simple app, organising your Facebook chats, texts and MMS into one cohesive messaging centre. Email accounts are easily synced onto its own email Live Tile, all of which can be organised and sized according to your own preferences.

Camera Quality

The Ativ S features both rear and front shooters, with the main rear camera being where the phone truly shines, sporting an equivalent level of quality to the excellent Samsung Galaxy S3. The 8.0 MP rear camera takes great shots both indoors and in outdoor natural light, and is easily accessed by a dedicated camera button that takes you straight into your lens even from locked mode. It easily stands up against the Nokia Lumia 920’s PureView technology and features plenty of customizing options for playing around with your photos and videos.

Internet and Connectivity

The Ativ S has Near-Field Communication (NFC) enabled, as well as BlueTooth and Wi-fi that all run quickly and with very little lag-time on the Internet Explorer browser. Thanks to the massive display screen, the internet experience is particularly good on the Ativ S, with pages loading easily and looking exactly as they should.

Windows Phone 8 OS

Windows Phone 8 enhances the user experience of the Ativ S, with its simple, neat aesthetic and attractive interface. The colourful pop of the Live Tiles feature looks great on the AMOLED display and contrasts beautifully with the brushed metallic look of the handset. These clever tiles feed live information and reminders to your start screen and can be customized to adjust for the amount of information and apps that you want stored in each tile. By scanning to the right of your main screen you can easily access all your apps in alphabetical order, meaning you can stay organised and avoid the messy feel that can occur in other smartphones when lots of apps get accumulated. The 1.5GHz dual-core processor keeps everything functioning smoothly and efficiently, making for a simple but powerful mobile experience.

Maps and Directions

Though Google Maps is absent on Windows Phone 8, the Bing powered maps app on the Ativ S provides reliable, speedy directions and accurate mapping technology. Directions are available for driving or walking, and the maps alternate between satellite photography and illustrations.