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Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

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The Nokia Lumia 920 is an impressive all-rounder of an upgrade, with a vibrant look and some excellent features. This handset packs a lot of power while maintaining a sleek look and software that rivals iOS and Android in simplicity and speed. Nokia has given the Lumia a wide range of improvements to create a truly innovative smartphone that will excite even Windows sceptics.


The Lumia 920 is a fun, glossy and exciting handset with a bold, Technicolor look. It has a seamless appearance made with high-end polycarbonate ceramic and glass and shiny, bright finishes that don’t scratch off. The big, curved 4.5-inch screen creates a premium, impressive feel to the handset. It’s certainly not a small phone, meaning you can get the most out of the amazing screen quality and high-definition detail; perfect for watching films and videos and showing off to your friends. At 185g and with dimensions of 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm, the Lumia 920 has a solid, sturdy feel, and still fits comfortably in the hand. The polycarbonate chassis won’t chip easily or break upon dropping, so if you’re a clumsier user this may be a good choice.

Sharp Screen Quality

The Lumia 920 boasts a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, a high pixel density that leads to a sharp, vibrant image quality. The screen looks great from any angle, and whether showing colours or black and white. It also beats some of the market rivals on screen toughness, with drop tests proving it far hardier than the competitors, using toughened Gorilla Glass to create a sturdier screen. This resilience is offset by the high-sensitivity touchscreen, which will register your movements even when wearing gloves.

Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone 8 interface features Live Tile, a slick, interactive and elegant software layout that’s easy to use and looks great. The tiles can be customized to the size and layout of your preference, making Windows 8 a truly user-friendly experience. Information and apps are integrated into ‘hubs’, which group together various tasks and updates into categories to help you stay organised. The Offices hub will be especially handy to those who like to be able to access their Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their smartphone, and everything can be uploaded and synced between devices through the SkyDrive cloud storage space. This software is simple and neat and won’t leave your phone feeling cluttered and messy like some of the competitors.

Wireless Charging

A particularly exciting feature of the Lumia 920 that should impress many Windows sceptics is the option of wireless charging. Wireless Charging Plate accessories are available for an extra £50 or so that will power up your phone without ever having to plug in; you just rest the phone down on the plate and wait.

Nokia Maps

This app is on par with Google Maps in its navigational coverage and is an invaluable feature of the Lumia 920. The coverage and accuracy is leaps and bounds ahead of Apple Maps and provides traffic and public transport information as well as satellite views to ensure you’re never lost. Maps can be downloaded while offline and the international coverage is broad.

Camera Features

The Nokia/Microsoft collaboration has long been highly regarded for their camera lenses and photography features, and the Lumia 920 doesn’t disappoint in progress on this front. The 8.7MP PureView camera takes incredibly bright, vibrant pictures that will put other smartphones to shame. Even in low lights, the camera will impress, with a floating lens that stabilizes your shots making blurred photos practically impossible. If you love to edit your shots, you can use one of three features: panorama, smart shoot and Cinemagraph. The camera is easily one of the most exciting features of the Lumia 920 and boasts truly phenomenal results.