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Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

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This attractive and impressive new handset from Microsoft and Nokia marks a huge break from the notion that iOS and Android are the only smartphone platforms to be seen with. The Nokia Lumia 900 showcases great design quality and efficient, strong software to prove that the Windows phone is a force to be reckoned with.

Stylish Hardware

The Lumia 900 is a bigger, more impressive feat of design than the previous Lumia 800: its polycarbonate frame is tough and sturdy while the appearance is slick and attractive. It stands at 127.8mm tall, 68.5mm wide and 11.5 mm thick, which allows for a large display to show off its vivid, detailed screen quality. The 4.3-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 800 x 480, which puts it up against the Samsung Galaxy S2 in display quality. It’s a little heavier than the average smartphone at 160g, but this also provides for a hardy, powerful feel from the phone.

Windows Phone Mango

The Windows Phone Mango operating system, or Windows 7.5, features the unique and stylish tile interface design now typical of the Microsoft Nokia, and runs smoothly and efficiently. The relatively low single-core processor is barely noticeable, with very little lag compared to competitors on the market.

Improved Camera

The Lumia 900’s 8MP camera features a handy point and shoot mode on its dedicated camera button, meaning users can jump quickly into camera mood to take snaps. This allows you to focus and snap with one button. You can also apply effects while taking your picture, such as sepia and black and white; and the lens works especially well outdoors in natural light. A key upgrade has been made from the Lumia 800 with the addition of a front-facing as well as rear-facing camera, so you can now make video calls too. In terms of video capability, the Lumia 900 shoots at 720 pixels in HD, and in the high quality MPEG-4 format. The video camera includes built in stabilization and optional additional effects.

Internet Experience

Although there are some shortcomings involved in the browser options on the Lumia 900, the internet speed is pretty quick, comparable with the iPhone 4S. The Wi-Fi speed is especially strong, and there's fast 3G and on some models also 4G.


If you’re a big gamer, the Lumia 900 would be a particularly good choice for you, with the pre-installed X-Box app allowing you to easily keep track of you and your friends’ progress. This app also allows you to send and receive X-Box messages and chart your wins and losses so far. For other app options, you can check out the Marketplace, where you’ll find over 100,000 to choose from including Netflix, Amazon and all your favourites.

Microsoft Office Included

A key feature of the Lumia 900 software that you won’t find anywhere else is the Office capabilities, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint all included in its Microsoft Office app. You can view and edit your documents quickly and with ease, a major plus when it comes to doing work on the move.

Microsoft Zune

Media lovers won’t be let down by the features included on the Lumia 900, with Zune providing great software for the new handset. You can sync music, videos and pictures between your phone and computer, with 16GB of internal memory to store all your favourites. If you go over this pretty substantial storage maximum, you can always upload an extra 25GB of memory to the cloud. The Lumia 900 is especially good for playing back videos, thanks to the improved screen quality. The Zune music player features a pane through which you can access other music apps like Spotify, and an FM radio is included.