The Pros and Cons of iPhone Jailbreaking

The iPhone is easily the most popular smartphone on the market, and Apple could teach a master class in how to turn consumers into brand loyalists. But even the most popular product can have its detractors, and while many people love the general design and build of the iPhone they may be less enthusiastic about… Read More →

Parents Warned of Smartphone Secrecy App Disguised as Calculator

Like it or not, we are raising a generation of extremely tech savvy children. Sometimes it seems as though our kids know their way around a computer keyboard and a smartphone touchscreen long before they even learn to walk. Of course, in the broader sense that’s a good thing. The future belongs to those that… Read More →

Apple’s App Store Hit by XcodeGhost Malware Attack

It’s said to be the first large scale attack on Apple’s App Store, and it has the tech giant scrambling to shut down the breach. It would appear that hundreds of popular apps have been infected with a malicious code, putting millions of iPhone and iPad users at risk. Dubbed XcodeGhost, the imbedded code allows… Read More →

A Brief Guide to Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay has made a big splash in recent months as it joins the growing number of contactless payment options available to the UK consumer. From Apple watches to iPads and iPhones people are starting to get comfortable paying for purchases with a simple swipe of their favourite high tech device. But for those who… Read More →

BlackBerry’s ‘Venice’ Rumored to be the Firm’s First Android Smartphone

BlackBerry has seen its fortunes fall over the last several years. The Canadian firm, who once helped to define the smartphone market, has slowly been outpaced and outclassed by rivals like Apple and Android. Yes, recent years have been hard for BlackBerry, but that hasn’t diminished their spirit, and the firm has been determined to… Read More →

Yahoo Livetext App Sends Silent Video Messages

If you have tried out some of the wildly popular video messaging apps, such as Periscope, Snapchat and WhatsApp, you may have realized that they are not appropriate for all situations. While they allow you to have fun while communicating with your friends, the audio component does not allow you to have private conversations or… Read More →

Windows 10 Operating System for Mobile Devices

The highly-anticipated Windows 10 operating system was released for computers on 29 July 2015. Users who already had Windows 7 or 8 installed could upgrade for free, which led to 14 million installations shortly after the launch. The team at Microsoft has also patched the initial bugs swiftly, making Windows 10 an overall satisfying platform…. Read More →

Trade Old Mobile Phones for Argos Gift Vouchers

After you have bought the latest mobile phone and renewed your tariff, you have the unique difficulty of deciding what to do with your now out-dated device. If you did not trade in your mobile at the time of purchase, you could pass your old one along to a friend, recycle it, or regretfully toss… Read More →

New Mobile Apps You Will Want to Try

September 2015 has a lot of fun new mobile apps that have just hit the UK for the tech enthusiast. If you are looking for something fun to distract you from your current collection of apps, give one of these a try. While they may not replace your essential apps, they offer a lot of… Read More →

New Measures Could Simplify Mobile Contract Transfers

If you have ever switched mobile phone service providers before, you know how difficult and time-consuming the process can be. Most customer service representatives are trained to convince you not to switch your service. You have to complete a lot of the steps on your own, such as having your mobile unlocked and obtaining the… Read More →