New Mobile Apps You Will Want to Try

September 2015 has a lot of fun new mobile apps that have just hit the UK for the tech enthusiast. If you are looking for something fun to distract you from your current collection of apps, give one of these a try. While they may not replace your essential apps, they offer a lot of cool and functional features that are sure to help you spend the time waiting in a queue or for an appointment. Share these with your friends, and compare your experiences to decide which apps should stay and which should go.

Gif Wallet (iOS)

If you have ever been in an online conversation while on mobile and needed a funny gif to truly communicate your emotions, then Gif Wallet is for you. It allows you to store and access gifs with a few swipes, storing your collection of gifs on Imgur. You need to find your own gifs at the moment, but future updates could allow you to share gifs with other friends using the app, and sorting the gifs into folders. This app lets you avoid the clumsiness of searching through your files for a good gif to get excellent reactions out of your friends.

Gousto (iOS)

If you love fresh, home-cooked meals, but hate the shopping and planning time, then the Gousto app is for you. Based in the UK, the app lets you choose from up to 10 of their seasonal meal options, and order them to be delivered directly to your door, just as you would on Gousto’s website. While the app is only available for iOS right now, an Android app is in the works. If you want to support local food suppliers and create a healthier meal each night, Gousto is the app to get you there.

YourMoji Keyboard (iOS)

If you need even more ways to express yourself online, you will want to snag the YourMoji Keyboard app. You can create custom emojis from your own photos, layer them with other images, and share them in messaging apps and social media platforms. The custom creator is integrated into the keyboard, which is a unique feature of this app. Share your new emjois with your friends as a text message or gif, so they can use them as well.

National Theatre Backstage (iPad)

Theatregoers can take a sneak peek behind the scenes with the National Theatre Backstage app. You can access digital programmes of recently shown plays and check out special interviews with some of the theatre’s top performers. You will also gain access to specially-produced content, such as their digital archives and unique performances. While it is only available on iPad at the moment, it is expected to hit the Apple Store and Google Play soon.

Moodnotes (iOS)

Developed with the insights from two clinical psychologists, the Moodnotes app allows you to track your daily moods. Users are asked at the same time every day how they feel, with the ability to choose the right smiley face for a response. You can customize your answer with a few details for your own personal records. The real beauty of this app comes with extended use, because it tracks if you have been feeling down lately, and asks you if are falling into a negative thinking rut caused by blaming others or thinking the worst all of the time. It lets you ponder your experiences, and promotes overall mental well-being.

Stagefright Detector (Android)

With the recent concerns over the Stagefright vulnerability for Android mobile phones, this new app is a security must-have. It runs security checks to see if your device is susceptible to the possible attack, and most Android phones will be. It tells you if your device has received the patch, which is being distributed by mobile service providers. If not, you will just have to take necessary precautions until the patch reaches your device.

The variety of available apps should be enough to keep even the most astute smartphone user entertained for hours. Check out a few of the hottest apps for August, and see which ones fit your style. You will look forward to your few moments of downtime to give these new mobile apps a try.

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