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iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

4.8 out of 5 stars by 3 reviews

  • First 64 bit processor

  • Great new iOS 7 operating system

  • Amazing new camera

  • Fingerprint scanner

Although it may look similar to Apple’s most recent offering of the iPhone 5, beneath the 5S is a slicker and more innovative smartphone with exciting new features and impressive software. It is certainly the best iPhone yet, with a range of improvements across the board and a simple but refreshing user experience.

iOS 7

Many of the improvements on the 5S can be attributed to the iOS 7 update, which will excite and re-invigorate jaded smartphone users. The display and interface have been boldened and brightened, with an improved speed and efficiency across the phone and an enhanced user experience. The 5S is clearly the ideal model to run the new iOS 7 on and together they provide for a cohesive and altogether improved device.

Superior Battery Performance

To those of you who have been complaining about the iPhone battery problems from the outset and are sick of carrying your charger in your bag with you at all times, rest assured that the iPhone 5S has fulfilled its promise of improvements in battery life. The power management is now boosted, with 15 hours of usage coming out of a full charge.

Improvements in Camera Quality

The pixel size increase of 15% on the 5S has paid off with a substantial improvement in image quality on this handset, along with a Tru Tone dual-LED flash, all making for a big step forward from the camera lens of the iPhone 5. The camera captures images quickly and boasts great shutter speed especially when put into burst mode, and is especially improved in low light conditions, an area in which the iPhone 5 was markedly weaker.

Touch ID Feature

This new security function is a really great and novel addition to the iPhone, with the ability to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone rather than a passcode. This enhances the speed of access, security of your phone and provides for a very cool user experience that competitors will certainly envy.

Improved Maps Function

Despite some embarrassment upon launching Apple Maps, there have been improvements made on the 5S; it provides a fully functional sat nav technology with clear directions from the speaker. The Maps feature also loads very quickly and is sensitive to your location, with a strong colour palette and good accuracy.

Slow-motion Video

Thanks to the new A7 chip in the 5S, the video camera has an exciting new slow motion feature included. You can run videos at 120fps capture and select and edit where you want the slow motion to begin and end. This is a fun addition that may lead to hours of editing procrastination in the office, at home or even on the go.

4G Connection

Speeds are set at record pace on the 5S thanks to its ability to connect with 4G, which you’ll be able to access in the UK through O2, Vodafone and Three as soon as it’s up and running. Just be aware that this may tax your battery a little more, so if you’re happy with the already quick speeds available then you can stick with a lesser connection.


The App Store is still leading the pack in content and variety with over 900,000 apps to choose from, and the 5S has the improved feature of being able to download 3 apps at the same time so you can fill your phone quickly. Just be sure you keep the apps updated so that they run smoothly with iOS 7. You can also download apps to rival the Microsoft Office package on Windows phones, with the Pages word processor and Numbers (competition to Excel) free and easy to use on the 5S; especially handy for doing business on the move.


The Siri feature has been improved on the 5S with the choice now available between a man or a woman’s voice to chat with. You can ask Siri to open applications for you, and ask a bigger range of questions and expect answers thanks to the iOS 7 update.