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iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c

2.5 out of 5 stars by 12 reviews

  • 4 inch Retina display

  • A6 Processor

  • Cool new colours

  • 4G LTE support

Marketed as the new, more cost-effective iPhone model, the iPhone 5c isn't cheap as many expected. With a vibrant screen display, solid software and a huge amount of personality, the new addition to Apple’s smartphone range is a welcome one. If you were considering buying the iPhone 5 when the price went down, or moving over to a less expensive smartphone altogether, you now have another option to consider.

Exciting New Design

One of the few things that really distinguishes the iPhone 5c from the iPhone 5 is its look and feel. This is a huge departure from the metal and glass aesthetic that has dominated at Apple since the iPhone 3, and despite it being designed to reduce cost, it doesn’t disappoint. The bright, glossy polycarbonate shell is hardened by a steel frame, and has a sturdy, strong feel to it. It has a slightly heavier weight than the iPhone 5 models at 132g, which many users will prefer to the very lightweight 5 and 5S. It’s available in a range of colours: green, blue, white, yellow and pink, all of which are cute and vibrant, bringing an element of fun that was missing from the more serious models. It retains the polished aesthetic that Apple always aims for while bringing a younger, refreshing feel.

High-Quality Display

The great display quality of the iPhone Retina screen is maintained on the 5c, and further enhanced by the addition of iOS 7 which makes the colours pop in an even more vivid, vibrant way. Videos play back especially well on the 1136 x 640 display, with the 4-inch screen being compact enough to avoid a bulkier look, although some users may prefer a bigger display to watch films, TV or read. This is something Apple will no doubt have to deal with in the upcoming years, as the screen sizes of the competitors continue to expand.

Improved Battery Life

If you’re a long-time user of the iPhone, you’ll probably have been through many phases of frustration with the battery life and power management on the previous models. The 5c has promised a boosted battery and thankfully has delivered, with longer web browsing and higher usage now possible.

Improved Camera Features

Although there hasn’t been an upgrade in the general camera function from the iPhone 5 to 5c (they both run at an already impressive and high-quality 8MP), there have been improvements. The iPhone 5c comes with a new FaceTime feature, which allows for improved quality in front-facing snaps with bigger pixels and enhanced colour rendering than you’ll find on previous iPhone models. Given the lower age range that the 5c seems to be aiming for, this is a great feature; it allows for snapping quality shots while video chatting, and taking selfies in even the dimmest of lighting. Instagram-style filters are also now built into the camera on the 5c, and you can create a Polaroid style appearance for your snaps with a square frame instead of the standard frame.

Wireless Connection

The options for connectivity are strong on the iPhone 5c, with up to 13 LTE bands supported by the phone. This means you can more easily access 4G all around the world, and this should improve further with time as more areas connect.

iOS 7

The iOS 7 update deserves its own review altogether, but it’s worth noting that the upgrade runs smoothly and with no small amount of style on the 5c. The improved multi-tasking windows and folder functions, along with the clever addition of a Control Center that mimics some of the stronger Android features on rival smartphones, all make for an impressive, seamless user experience. The whole phone runs quickly and efficiently thanks to the powerful processor. There is no decrease in performance from the iPhone 5, which also runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, and the high- quality app features that you’d expect from any iPhone are all present and accounted for.