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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

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  • Siri Voice Assistant

  • Amazing Retina Display

  • Latest iOS 7 operating system installed

  • Fast custom designed A6 processor

It's been two years since Apple released the iPhone 4S, but you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a brand new top of the range device. The phone offers amazing performance, a great camera and just-updated operating system, combining to produce one of the best phone packages available. Solidly built, utilising both glass and aluminium, the phone has a more premium feel than any Android based device available, with only other Apple-made handsets competing for build quality.


While a two year old processor is never going to be able to compete with the latest offerings, you won't notice the speed difference in almost any tasks on the iPhone 4S. Even playing the latest games with 3D graphics, the dual-core 1.5GHz A5 processor gives amazing performance and never appears to lag. Even with tons of tabs open while browsing the internet or switching between multiple apps, the processor holds up without ever getting into difficulties.


The camera is capable of taking amazing 1080p Full HD videos as well as 8 megapixel photos. Apple haven't simply gone for a high megapixel count, but have also put a lot of work into ensuring that the overall quality of the camera is perfect for all users. From the improved automatic white balance to the reduced motion blur, and the great aperture, this was one of the best phone cameras available when released and still holds its own. There's also a forward facing FaceTime camera that can be used for video calling, checking your hair or taking self-photos for social media profiles.


Apple revolutionised smartphone displays when they came out with the Retina display in the previous model of iPhone, the iPhone 4. This 4S keeps the same screen as the iPhone 4, offering a resolution so high that you won't be able to tell apart the individual pixels on the screen. Not only this, but the screen offers amazing contrast ratio, viewing angles and brightness. Overall, several years since the screen first appeared, it's still one of the best available.

iOS 7 and Siri

Apple have just released upgraded software for iPhones and the iPhone 4S now comes pre-installed with the latest version, iOS 7. iOS 7 marks a major change from previous versions of iPhone software, giving a much improved design alongside many new features. Siri, the voice control assistant which first appeared on the iPhone 4S has been upgraded and now can do even more. You can also get the iPhone 4S to give you directions to a reasonably priced nearby Italian restaurant or ask it to send a message to your partner telling them that you'll pick up flowers on the way home. Siri is great for hands-free phone use while driving, enabling you to do so much more than simply place calls.

A Great All-Round Package

The iPhone 4S is still one of the best phones on the market an entire two years since it was announced by Apple. By focusing on producing a great device with amazing feature set Apple have created a phone which has stood the test of time far better than other phones announced since. The screen quality still looks as crisp as when it was first released, you won't have any problems with the performance, the camera can take great photos and videos, plus the phone has arguably the best operating system available. It's testament to the quality of the handset that it is still outselling many new Android devices despite two newer iPhones being available.