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The HTC One S is an elegant and sleek phone with great performance and features packed inside a tiny package. HTC released two major phones in 2012 - the HTC One X and HTC One S. Both are similar phones, yet while the specs of the HTC One S are slightly lower than the HTC One X, it does offer substantially better battery life. The improved battery life on the device might come as somewhat of a surprise given the phone was the thinnest released by HTC at launch, but somehow HTC has managed to squeeze an awful lot into such a slim phone.


With a Qualcomm-designed dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, plus a separate Adreno 225 GPU, in addition to 1GB of RAM, there's no task that this phone won't perform with speed. From playing the latest 3D games to editing your photos, nothing slows down the HTC One S. The phone comes with 16 GB of in built storage, allowing you to store your snaps from the camera, apps from the Google Play store as well as music, video and much more.


HTC is the maker of perhaps the best cameras to be found on Android phones and the HTC One S's camera is no exception to the rule. The main shooter comes in a 8 megapixels, like the HTC One X, and offers amazingly good photos for a phone camera. It can also take video at Full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, better than many camcorders, and even take photos while shooting video. There's an LED flash for low light conditions on the back, plus a second front facing camera for video calls.


The HTC One S comes with Beats Audio by Dr Dre, something that really improves the sound quality no matter what set of headphones you use with the device. HTC have also customised their interface for a new Music hub which includes apps like Spotify and the FM radio, making it easier to access all of your music.

Connectivity wise, the phone can connect to a variety of networks from the fast 3G HSDPA networks allowing 42 Mbps download speeds, to WiFi and Bluetooth. There's also GPS for navigating, DLNA support for connecting to televisions and other entertainment devices, and the phone can be plugged in using any micro USB cable.

The battery life on the device is great, despite the relatively low rated battery at 1650 mAh. In tests its been shown to last far longer than other Android phones including the HTC One X. You should easily be able to get a full days usage out of this phone without any problems.


The display utilises Super AMOLED technology to provide a rich and captivating experience. The resolution is a respectable 960 x 540 pixels, which on the 4.3 inch screen gives a pixels per inch of 256 - not quite up to Apple's Retina standards but not far behind. The screen also uses Corning Gorilla Glass to make it more smash resistant than other phones.


The HTC One S comes with the Android operating system with some HTC touches added on top. The HTC Sense 4.0 interface gives users more flexibility in customising their phones than previous versions, allowing the icons on the sides of the apps tray to now be customised. There's also the great notifications bar feature allowing you to see the latest important updates, and the internet browsers has a great customised feature allowing you to focus simply on reading by cutting out the adverts and interface. Even from the lock screen you can do things like change what music you're listening too and see the latest updates on the phone.