How 4G Is Changing Business Forever

4G is the most exciting new development in mobile connectivity. When connected with 4G, your smartphone or tablet can perform at anywhere between four and 10 times the speed of your old 3G network, giving you a major upgrade on your daily mobile phone speed and making your handset or tablet a powerhouse of connection capability.

While 4G can make streaming videos, browsing the web and accessing files easier than ever for everyday mobile phone users, the technology has even more exciting implications for businesses around the world. This new high speed connection was built with businesses in mind, and it’s in the workplace that the technology can really be put to the test.

Cutting Costs

When it comes to running a successful business, time is money, and for all of its wonders, the internet can really waste a lot of time. If your business’s connection isn’t up to scratch then countless hours can be drained away waiting for documents to load, attempting to send files and watching the minutes tick by as a website downloads.

With 4G, there is significantly more bandwidth available even at peak usage times, giving users a smooth and speedy performance from their devices no matter what time of day it is. Thanks to this speed, the total amount of time wasted on a slow connection is drastically reduced, increasing everyone’s productivity in the workplace and improving overall performance.

Video Conferencing

The days of a long commute to a meeting in another city, or even another country for larger businesses could be far behind us with the birth of 4G. Thanks to the higher speeds available through 4G, video streaming will be far smoother and more reliable, allowing businesses to conduct meetings with colleagues and associates anywhere in the world without worrying about the meeting being cut off unexpectedly by a dodgy connection.

Video conference calls can be conducted over computers or mobile phone, so businesses can keep in touch with employees and colleagues while they’re on the move, at home or in a hotel on the other side of the world. This can cut down on productivity lost through sick days and allow employees to keep on top of work while away from the office.

Heightened Security

Aside from the improvements in connection speed and bandwidth on 4G, businesses will also be able to benefit from improved security features as a result of the shift over from 3G. While calls and data on 3G enabled devices passed through airwaves that were easily vulnerable to interception and disturbance, 4G uses Voice-over-Internet Protocol. This could lead businesses to further cut costs on security products and prevent sensitive information and transactions from being intercepted by intruders.

Rural Areas

Many businesses located in areas with less than perfect broadband connections struggle with slow speeds and frustrating connection issues. Even with a slower 4G LTE connection, businesses in rural areas or areas that have difficulty accessing high speed broadband will get better results than they did in the past. This can boost productivity and eliminate time wasting, while allowing them to connect more easily with businesses and colleagues in other areas.

Increased Mobility

One of the most important benefits that can come with a 4G-enabled business will be in the freedom and flexibility that comes with a faster, more reliable connection. This feature is particularly useful for workers who tend to be on the move, travelling between offices or visiting clients rather than staying in one place. While a Wi-Fi hotspot may have been necessary in the past to get quick enough speeds to do more data-heavy work on a phone or tablet in the past, with 4G workers now have access to all of the speed of a PC or laptop without having to step foot in the office. The time spent sitting on a train or waiting for a bus to arrive can now be utilised productively thanks, as long as you’re in an area with 4G coverage.

The improved mobility of 4G connections will allow the office to follow you wherever you are, instead of forcing employees to wait until they’re back at their desk to load a document properly or share information. Video streaming technology will also make working on the go easier than ever before, giving bosses and employees the chance to connect with their colleagues wherever they may be without wasting time commuting to the office to check in.

Be Careful With Coverage

Before your business decides to invest in 4G, it’s important to check the coverage in the area you carry out the majority of your operations. While the UK and US are now seeing increasingly widespread 4G LTE coverage, the technology is certainly far from perfect. If your employees will be heading abroad to conduct business they may experience problems finding a compatible 4G connection internationally, so they may have to switch on 3G or 2G services to stay connected on the move.

Hopefully, the growing popularity and prevalence of 4G will make the technology more widespread in the coming years, making staying connected easier than ever for businesses and individuals all over the world.

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