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The Rules

Some simple rules you need to abide by.

Our contest is simple to understand and easy to play, but we still need a few rules in place to ensure that everyone plays fair. These rules protect everyone from those wanting to cheat the system: we want the prize to go to the person whom scores highest by predicting the most results successfully, not to those adept at rule breaking. Before we continue, we need to point out that we reserve the right to alter these rules at any time and that our decision is final in any dispute.

How We Score

Each week, from Monday to Sunday, you are able to predict the scores in the games due to take place in that week. Scores must be submitted prior to kickoff. You are predicting the scores for the standard 90 minute game plus injury time, but excluding penalties and extra time. Scores can also be gained from sharing the contest publicly on real social media profiles. We will calculate scores soon after the week finishes and endeavour to announce the winner by midday on Monday, although this may not always be possible.

Whether we choose to include or exclude games that are abandoned in play is at our sole discretion. Occasionally games may be cancelled or delayed prior to play. If this occurs, then these games will be removed from the contest and may be replaced with another game. Any scores submitted for the removed or replaced game will be removed, and it is your responsibility to check if you need to submit scores for a new game.

Scores that Count

You can submit scores for games any time prior to kickoff. Any games that you fail to submit a score in time for will not be eligible for points, so it’s important to ensure you submit your predictions prior to kickoff, so you have the best chance each week. We will close score submissions for each game at the time of kick off or as close as possible to that time. If, due to a technical fault or human error, you are still able to submit scores after kick off scores submitted after the actual kick off time will be invalid. Missing scores for one or more game doesn’t disqualify you from that week’s competition, but it does significantly reduce your chances of winning.

While we endeavour to keep our site online at all times there is a small chance that strong demand may take it offline, so we suggest submitting scores in good time. We will not take responsibility for your inability to submit a score due to site downtown.

Can I play?

We want our competition to be open to the widest possible audience. As such we aren’t placing any restrictions, other than where legally required to do so, on who can play. The contest, therefore, doesn’t have any age restrictions or location restrictions. We do recommend that if you are under 18 that you ask your parents permission first. Employees, contractors and partners of, as well as their friends and family, are excluded from the competition and will not be able to win any prize on offer.

We will send the iPhone prize to any country that we are legally able to send to and can be delivered to by Royal Mail ( We do not offer delivery by other methods and can not guarantee successful delivery of the prize. It is your responsibility to ensure that we can deliver the prize before participating. Any changes to our ability to deliver your prize, such as, but not limited to, new export bans or shipping restrictions, will mean your prize is forfeited, and we cannot be held liable for such eventualities.

5th March 2014 update – We will now only ship iPhone prizes within  UK.  International players are welcome to play, if they win they will be offered a cash alternative (paid by bank transfer in £) or by Bitcoin (paid in $ using the appropriate £ to $ conversion rate from  UK players will be able to opt for the bank transfer or Bitcoin alternative also.

Eyes on the Prize

The prize on offer each week is an iPhone 5s. The exact colour, size capacity and type of iPhone 5s is at our discretion although we do encourage the winner to tell us their color preference, which we will attempt to match, subject to availability. Postage and packaging is included in the prize, and no purchase is necessary to participate.  No alternative prize is available. Anyone found to be cheating will have their prize forfeited, please refer to the anti-cheating section for more details. Winners will be contacted with 3 days of the end of the contest and have 28 days from that time to claim their prize. It is your responsibility to ensure you receive any email from us and claim on time. Any claims made after that time will be invalid and not honoured.

Don’t Be Offensive

When you sign up you need to choose a username. While we love comical usernames, some people cross the line into offensive names. We need to ensure our site won’t offend anyone, and as the usernames are displayed publicly this means we cannot accept anything offensive or that might be considered ‘not safe for work.’ If there’s anyone in your family whom you wouldn’t gladly tell your username to then it shouldn’t be on our site. We reserve the right to change usernames that we consider offensive, ask you to alter your username or even delete usernames that are extremely offensive. Be smart and avoid usernames that might cause offence such as names that contain swear words, discriminatory comments, violent or sexual references or anything that is otherwise unpleasant.

Use Valid Info

When you sign up, you’ll be asked for a few personal details such as your email address. We can’t check that all these details are valid for every sign up, but anyone who wins will have these details checked. Please ensure that these are correct when you sign up, and if they are not please correct them now. When we award the prize we will check that the winners details are valid, and anyone who is using invalid data will have their prize forfeited. Please contact us prior to winning if you need to update your details. Valid data is needed so that we can ensure that no one is cheating by having more than one account.

Cheaters Will Be Given the Red Card

Cheating isn’t cool. While we specify some circumstances which we consider cheating below, it’s important to note that we have the right to exclude any winners for any action that we consider constitutes cheating even if it isn’t listed here. We want to make the competition fair for everyone, so as long as you’re not trying to game the system then you’ll be safe.

The most important rule is one account per person. This rule is important to ensure everyone has the same chance of winning. Anyone found to be breaking this rule in any way will be banned and have any prizes won forfeited. You must not try to break the rule by making accounts for relatives, friends or anyone else: if they want to play they must make their own accounts and place their own predictions themselves. We have sophisticated ways of detecting those making fake accounts, and we won’t be fooled by multiple email addresses, use of proxies or VPNs, or any other method. Play fair, win our contest by making well researched predictions of scores: don’t try to make fake accounts as you will be found and be excluded.

Extra points are awarded for sharing the contest with others. These shares need to be valid, through real profiles and visible to your friends and followers. We consider hiding these shares in any way to be cheating and if you win the prize after cheating the prize will be forfeited. Please, therefore, use your real social media profiles and ensure that the share is both visible and not deleted. If the prize winner obtained points through social shares then we will need to be able to ensure that the shares are valid, and this may mean that you need to friend us on Facebook or accept our follow invitation on Twitter. On Facebook, it is particularly important that you don’t make the share ‘private’ or ‘only me’, even if by accident, when posting. Only main profiles will be accepted, so please don’t use a fake or second profile to make the share. If you don’t already have an established Twitter or Facebook account, please do not make one just to participate in this contest as inactive accounts are likely to be considered fake. It is entirely at our discretion which accounts we deem to be eligible.

We Respect Your Privacy

Like almost everyone, we’ve been annoyed by the spam phone calls and emails we all receive from random companies. We, therefore, will never sell or pass on your details to third parties, except in the unlikely circumstance that we are required to do so by law enforcement agencies or the courts. We do ask for your email address as this is needed to run the contest, such as reminding you to submit scores or informing you if you’ve won a prize. We will only contact you regarding the contest or related matters.

It is important to note that the username you pick is viewable by the public on our site. We therefore recommend you choose a username that you won’t be embarrassed by: see the publicity and username sections for more details.


It’s a fact of life that things sometimes go wrong. While we try to ensure that we avoid making errors, there’s always a possibility that we might do. Areas this might happen are in scoring and game selection. Even if a mistake was our fault, we will only ever award one prize per week and our decision is final. The prize will be awarded to the person we believe is the winner, and if it later turns out that another person had more points then it is too late to change who has been awarded the prize. If you spot a mistake or error, it is best to contact us rather than assume that we will discover it prior to selecting a winner.


By participating in our contest you are agreeing that we can use your details for publicity purposes if you win the prize. This publicity can include your name, location (such as your town or county, but not your exact address), social media profiles and photos taking from your social media profiles. This publicity will be on our website, our social media profiles and possible elsewhere such as in advertisements for the contest on other websites. Those aged 16 or under will have the use of their data limited and only used with parental permission.


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