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Blackberry Curve 9360

Blackberry Curve 9360

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Although new Blackberry models may not make such an impact these days on the market, they tend to still have quiet success and sustained popularity amongst many users. If you prefer the QWERTY experience to the touchscreen and appreciate the affordability of the Blackberry over other handsets out there, the Blackberry Curve 9360 is a compact, sleek choice.

Type, Not Touch

The Curve 9360 sports a high quality mobile display despite its diminutive size when compared to others on the market. The high definition (480 x 360 pixels) TFT LCD screen make reading and browsing an improved experience in comparison to the older Blackberry curve models; the most recent of which operated at 320 x 240 pixels. The QWERTY keyboard with well-spaced buttons allows for quick and easy typing that many prefer to the touchscreen style keypads of other handsets. The battery life hasn’t been decreased by the improved screen quality, with the 9360 still lasting a solid 1 1/2 days from 1 charge, the same result as the Curve 9380.

Quick Connections

This new model is enhanced with a Near Field Communication chip, more commonly known as NFC. This technology supports data sharing between devices by holding the two phones back to back, and has real potential for future technological growth. The 9360 also comes with GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1.

Sleek Design

Compared to the previous BlackBerry Curve 9300, the 9360 sports a slimmer look, measuring at 11 mm thickness compared to the former’s 13.9 mm. The design is streamlined and neat, while the handset weighs in at just under 100g, making it light and never clunky to handle. The brushed metal and black plastic also add to the chic and attractive look of the phone.

Improved Camera

The Curve 9360 sports a 5MP camera lens with flash built in, a vast improvement on the 2MP camera of the previous models, and has various scene modes such as ‘close-up’, ‘night’ and ‘party’ modes to fit the moment. As ever, the camera isn’t the BlackBerry’s strong point, but this is an improvement. It works especially well in natural, good light. The 9360 also features a video camera.

Easy Messaging

From the outset, one of Blackberry’s biggest selling points has been its BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM. This remains a strong feature, with the simple, secure and most importantly charge-free BBM service allowing for speedy communication while avoiding the extra expense of SMS texts. You can also send messages from apps and games through BBM. The 9360 allows you to consolidate your messages; SMS, email, Facebook and BBM into one inbox, or keep them organised separately.

Blackberry OS

The 800 MHz processor and RIM’s new Blackberry OS 7 puts in a speedier and more efficient performance than on the previous BlackBerry offerings, and is especially improved while multitasking. As with the other OS 7 devices, the 9360 is far quicker to use than the BlackBerry 6 handsets and leads to a more pleasant overall experience. The browser is still slow compared to higher end handsets, for but light surfing it certainly suits a smaller budget. The operating system also features voice-search, which works well, though isn’t to be compared with the likes of Siri.

Enhanced Media Experience

Thanks to the marketing of the BlackBerry at younger users, the multimedia element of the Curve 9360 is especially strong. The media player has Amazon MP3 built in, providing an alternative to the iTunes found on the iPhone, and playlists sync easily between the phone and your PC. It also features loud, strong speakers with a better quality sound than on older BlackBerry models.

Overall, the new BlackBerry Curve 9360 is a smart, sleek device with a great package of features considering its lower price in the smartphone market. Especially good for those on a budget and younger users, this handset is a strong addition to BlackBerry’s line-up, and should show that they’re still in the game.