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Blackberry Bold 9900

Blackberry Bold 9900

3.3 out of 5 stars by 2 reviews
While a multitude of other high-quality smartphones have flooded the market, the BlackBerry still remains a strong competitor thanks to its improving software and ever-strong design features. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a worthy addition to the popular Bold range, and although it features a heftier price tag than its predecessors, it sports a range of improvements and an enhanced user experience to tempt old loyalists along with new, prospective BlackBerry fans.

Chic Design

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 maintains the high-quality design features of the Bold 9930 and is the slimmest BlackBerry yet, with a sleek and attractive handset and a wide display screen. The brushed stainless steel, matte plastic and glass all make for a glossy and chic aesthetic.

BlackBerry OS 7

The BlackBerry 7 Operating System might look awfully similar to OS 6, but comes with vast improvements. The 1.2GHz processor makes for a far faster and easier user experience, and the new Liquid Graphics technology makes for improved graphics and a superior touch screen.

Improved Keyboard

The typing experience on the Bold 9900 is more comfortable than ever, with a smooth keyboard finish and easy grip buttons, leading to fast and satisfying typing. The slightly bigger keyboard also makes for a quicker and easier experience than on the previous BlackBerry Bold models, which some users complained featured too small keys for their fingers.

Speedy Messaging Experience

As always, the messaging and communication features are one of the strongest aspects of any BlackBerry handset; and the Bold 9900 is no exception. BlackBerry messenger remains a great, free and easy to use addition to the messaging options, and as always is particularly attractive to younger users with plenty of friends to contact. If you prefer using social networks to BBM for your communication, the Facebook app has been revamped on the Bold 9900 with an improved newsfeed and drop-down function. Social networking is seamlessly weaved into the rest of the phone’s messaging features; with new tweets and Facebook messages appearing in one consolidated inbox with emails, texts and BBMs. You can also separate these out if you prefer to organise your communication differently.

Internet Browsing

The OS7 promises an improved browsing experience on the Bold 9900, and it certainly delivers. Pages loaded more quickly than on the previous handsets and the display appearance has been improved, with a higher resolution screen quality. The zooming and scrolling features are also far quicker, although the overall internet experience is slightly slower than in some of the rival handsets on the market. Considering the weaker performance of the BlackBerry when it came to web browsing in the past, this is a big step forward.

HD Video Capabilities

While the Bold 9900’s camera feature remains the same as its predecessors at 5MP and boasts no new additions in that sense, the new Bold has leaped ahead of the previous models in its video features. The 1280 x 720 pixels HD camera shoots high-quality videos, which you can then share with your friends.

Media Savvy Software

The media capabilities of the BlackBerry Bold are of real importance given the BlackBerry’s younger target audience, with the Bold 9900 remaining strong on multimedia. The phone features an 8GB memory with an added 32GB available on memory card, and media is easily synced between your computer and phone. You can create playlists easily, and the 9900 retains the Bold’s standard high-quality sound experience, especially when playing music through your headphones. Despite the smaller screen size than some other smartphones, videos also look great when played on the improved display screen.

BlackBerry Protect

Security has always been a strong selling point on the BlackBerry, and the new Bold 9900 features a BlackBerry Protect app that promises to keep your data secure. For other apps, there’s an improved variety of choice available on App World.