5 Reasons the iPhone BendGate Stories are Bunk

According to BendGate and the rest of the web, the iPhone 6 bends, but are these stories really true? Or are they just reports on a handful of defective devices that went viral? According to Apple, accidentally bending the iPhone 6 is extremely rare. How rare, you ask? Well, Apple said that in the first six days since the phone was available to the public, there have been exactly nine instances of customers complaining about bent phones. That’s a whopping 9 people, out of the more than 10 million who bought the new iPhone.

Less than 0.00009 percent of iPhones have been bent.

Let’s put that in perspective. The old iPhone antenna problem was a real issue. It impacted every single iPhone out there. Unless you were holding it the right way, in which case maybe there was no problem. But for everyone other than the late great Steve Jobs, there were issues with reception. Because of that, Apple gave out free bumpers, which corrected the problem. After that there were some shakeups in the Apple R&D and Testing facilities, and no more big hardware problems like that came out.

It’s not just that though. Some people have complained that their iPhone 5S models were bent. A handful of them were inspected by Apple, and found to have legitimate problems. Specifically, the internal supports weren’t properly seated, which caused the device to perform poorly under stress. No problem though, Apple replaced them. Of course, there were other cases where Apple did not replace devices, because they had been misused. Some people even bent their iPad Minis – from putting them in their back pockets and sitting down. None of them were replaced though, but then no one was advertising their stupidity at having sat on their iPad, so it never made the news.

So, what’s really happening with the iPhone 6?

Well, someone bent their iPhone 6 using it in a way that it was probably not intended to be used, and it wen’t viral. Instead of calling out those people for the fools or scammers they obviously are, everyone jumped on the retweet bandwagon. But, what are the ways it’s not intended to be used? Well, here are 3 great examples of ways a normal person would probably not use their iPhone:

1) A normal person wouldn’t sit on their iPhone. This is especially true if you’re one of the larger folks out there. Either those two meter tall CrossFit gorillas that weigh in at 30 stone, or a phone article writer who sucks down lattes all day and sit on your bum for work. None of us reasonably expect that Apple built the iPhone 6 to withstand us sitting on it though. That’s just absurd. Outside of a few cases of shameful ignorance, you wouldn’t sit on your iPad, or a Mac Book, so why would you assume it was acceptable to sit on your iPhone?

2) You can’t really put the iPhone sideways in a pocket. Actually, this was perhaps the most bizarre reported case of a bent iPhone. Unless you have clown pockets, it’s pretty much impossible to fit the new iPhone 6 in your pocket sideways. I doubt that Apple tests their devices to withstand clown performances, so it stands to reason that a normal person wouldn’t put the phone in their pocket sideways. Even an abnormal person wouldn’t, simply because they can’t. Of course, maybe some carnies or tankers do, but then they’re carnies and tankers. They also tend to dress a bit strangely, and are fond of clown pockets.

3) No one in their right mind would try to bend their phone. Oh, wait… if you were a marketer, possibly paid by Samsung, you might pull a stunt like that. I mean, you already had a history of bending other phones, so why not kick off a viral video, get a few million views, and a little kickback from Samsung? But no, we trust our media outlets. They never lie. Just like bankers and MPs, they only have our best interests at heart. Think about it. When was the last time anyone pulled a deceptive advertising stunt to push viral content? That never happens on YouTube.

What we’re saying is basically that the reported nine people who bent their iPhone 6 models are either folks who have more money than sense, clown pockets, or the need make a viral video. Maybe one or two of them even really did have a defective iPhone. That sums up pretty much everyone out there with a bent iPhone. All nine of them.

There are 5 reasons your iPhone 6 isn’t going to bend.

If you’re worried about bending your own iPhone, don’t. Unless you do something extreme, or extremely foolish (we already discussed that earlier), it isn’t going to bend. Here are the 5 reasons you iPhone won’t easily bend:

1) It’s reinforced with titanium: You’ve seen Iron Man, right? Mr. Titanium, as the ladies call him, and rock solid. For anyone who doesn’t know, titanium is both lighter and stronger than steel, and the iPhone 6 has titanium inserts that reinforce it. That stuff is next to impossible to bend under normal use. Go buy a titanium rod and try to bend it. Then ask yourself if you put a ‘reasonable’ amount of effort into bending it.

2) There are also stainless steel reinforcements: The steel inserts in the iPhone 6 further protect it. Like the titanium, they are designed to keep the phone from bending. So there’s a mix of costly titanium and less expensive steel, reinforcing your iPhone, and keeping it from bending under normal use, even in clown pockets.

3) The glass is super strong: There is no phone anywhere in the world with stronger glass than that of the iPhone 6. Some might argue that some sapphire phones are stronger, but sapphire isn’t glass. Big difference there. The glass the phone is made of is some serious stuff. Take the guy in Australia who dropped his new phone right out of the case. “No problems,” he said. “Probably paid by Apple,” we said. Still, it didn’t break or show any visible signs of damage.

4) Apple built it into an aluminum case: People everywhere are talking about how easy it is to bend aluminum. Most of those people don’t know what they’re talking about. They just watched a video and agreed. Aluminum is actually some pretty strong stuff. Don’t believe us? How about checking out Cosworth. It’s a London company, founded in 1958. Guess what they do? They make aluminum engine blocks for super high performance engines. That’s aluminum folks, driving an auto around a race track at hundreds of kilometers an hour. So yeah, you can bend it, but it’s nowhere as easy as people think.

5)Your phone has, well, a phone inside. That’s right, there’s a lot more in your phone than the air people seem to imagine being there. Sure, it’s not all super strong stuff, but it adds strength to the overall design. Try bending a phone battery, or a circuit board. Again, you sure can bend or even break them, but it’s not as simple or as easy as the marketers on Twitter and YouTube would like you to believe. These components, when combined, make layers. Those layers add strength to the overall design, which as we’ve discussed, is pretty strong, even if it wasn’t a wafer thin phone.

In summary, if you have an iPhone 6, take care of it. No one who goes out and buys a Mac Book Pro expects that they’ll be able to stand or sit on it, so don’t. The iPhone is not built like those antique flip phones the Russians use for hockey pucks, but it’s also not a brick, like the Blackberry Passport. Nope, it’s a phone. Treat it like the £700 device it is, and you won’t be bending it any time soon (or ever), unless you’re a clown or tanker.

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